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Dewhot 20L Gas Geyser Indoor Fan Forced LPG (Type C)

Dewhot 20L Gas Geyser Indoor Fan Forced LPG (Type C)


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The cutting edge Dewhot 20L Gas Geyser Fan Forced Room Sealed LPG (Type C) is one of the safest and most efficient gas water heaters on the market. It isequipped with many unique features and is constructed out of high quality components. Versatile and compact, the 20L Fan Forced Room Sealed is a multiple use application geyser (run multiple outlets simultaneously), and is shipped with a free Large Solid Flue. This geyser can feed from a solar geyser (Needs the Dewhot Solar to Gas Valve)

Type C - Install indoors or outdoors

For indoor installations you need a flue (RS20 standard or compact).

For outdoor installations you need a flue and a cover (weather box).


  • Heavy duty copper radiator
  • 88% energy efficiency
  • Can be installed in confined and unventilated spaces
  • Wind resistant burner
  • Pressure Relief Protection (to function effectively, the valve must be set to your water pressure)
  • Touch button temperature control
  • Compatible with mixer taps
  • Ensures constant temperature when multiple outlets are used simultaneously
  • Compact design with a brushed aluminum cover
  • Flame failure safety device
  • Inverter compatible


  • Max gas pressure: 2.8 kPa
  • Max gas consumption: 2.9 kg / hour
  • Rated Heat Input: 40 Kw
  • Rated electric power: 45 W
  • IP Rating: IPX4D
  • Water pressure: 25-500 kPa
  • Water Output (min/max): 2.5L - 20L / min
  • Unit weight: 17.2 kg
  • Packaged weight: 18.7 kg
  • Unit size: 575 x 365 x 133 mm (+200 for flue)
  • Packaged size: 740 x 430 x 220mm
  • Rated voltage: 240V/60Hz
  • Gas Type: LPG

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Dewhot 20L Room Sealed Forced Fan Gas Geyser (Type C) - Brochure

Dewhot Fan Forced Gas Geysers Brochure

Refund & Warranty

All Dewhot gas geysers carry a one year repair or replace guarantee ex factory (Please keep the original packaging). The warranty period is valid from the date of the certificate of compliance issued by your registered gas installer, which should correlate with the unique serial number.

A unit will only be REPLACED if the manufacturing fault cannot be repaired and:

1.It is returned to the warehouse in its original packaging

2.It has an Certificate of Compliance (with no exception)

3.It has a Proof of purchase

If Dewhot does not have a service centre or a Dewhot technician available in the area, we will pay for a call out for an authorised installer to repair or replace the unit. This call out fee will be limited to R450 excluding VAT (irrespective of distance travelled and time spent). All parts required in the warranty repair will be replaced by Dewhot.

Units that are damaged by external factors will not qualify for the warranty (similarly, these will also not qualify for a call out fee).

External factors include (and not limited to):

  • Dirty/impure gas
  • Low or flat batteries
  • Empty cylinders
  • Plumbing issues
  • Damaged caused by animals or insects
  • Damaged caused by freezing temperatures or other elements
  • Damaged/ faulty regulators (over-pressurisation)

If the following geysers are installed outside without a cover (or weatherbox) they will not qualify for the warranty: 12L Low Pressure / 12L or 16L Constant Temperature / 20L Forced Fan.

Dewhot will not issue a "loan" unit but will undertake to test and fix the unit on site as fast as possible.

If the unit has proven to have a manufacturing fault, Dewhot will cover the repair and courier cost. If the fault/damage was caused by an incorrect installation, misuse or neglect, the client will be responsible for the cost of the repair and the transport thereof.

Dewhot will not be responsible for damage in transit.

Any cancellation of a "paid for order" will receive a full refund unless there is damage to the unit (if courier costs were incurred, these will also be deducted). If a unit has been fitted, used and returned within 14 Days there will be a 10% handling fee (if courier costs were incurred, these will also be deducted).

After 14 days, any unit shipped will not qualify for a refund.

Any unit not fitted and signed off by a registered gas installer (with the SAQCC gas association) will not qualify for a refund or a warranty.

Units not returned in original packaging will not qualify for a refund.

Any units modified or repaired by anyone other than a Dewhot authorised technician will not qualify for the warranty.